10 Steps To Ageless Aging

I have purposely numbered these 10 to 1. It is your countdown to the new you! You may want to take before and after photos. If you clean your entire body and change your diet, your results will be drastic. This is your journey, so make it memorable!

10. Start cutting back on, or better yet, eliminating white sugar, white flour, and white pastas (read labels)

9. Increase your water intake

8. Eat more fresh organic raw fruits and vegetables – chew ALL food to a liquid!

7. Stop eating fast, processed, and junk foods. Begin preparing your own meals.

6. Exercise: Get your heart rate up everyday and sweat. Walk, run, skip, dance, lift weights, play with your children or dog, etc.




5. Go barefoot – it is a natural anti-inflammatory and blood thinner,  from helping with weight loss to connecting us to our genius, the benefits are many.

4. Clean your bowel

3. Clean your liver

2. Clean your kidneys

1. Once you attain your optimal health, maintain it every three months like you do your vehicle – both will run smoother and last you longer. Do this through fasting or cleansing.


Remember . . . good health (and death) start in the colon. Don’t be a statistic. Regaining your best health and naturally good looks is simple, but it starts with you! And by all means, sleep – your face will thank you for it.


A few words to ponder AND keep you motivated: 

“When you love yourself enough,

you take care of yourself.” ~Oprah Winfrey

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Author, Coach, and Herbalsita POWERED BY: Real Food and barefoot walking/running. Connect with Carmen on Google+