I AM a coach and herbalista of sorts with a bachelor’s degree in Holistic Nutrition. An author of Ageless Aging, and a coauthor in the #1 International Bestseller Wounded? Survive! Thrive!!!.

I was trained in the art of immune support via diet and detoxification. I love providing alternative options for those seeking wellness —from the seriously ill to those simply wishing to look and feel their best.

Once dubbed “the California medicine woman,” by California’s KPFK radio station, I’ve been working this passion of alternative health for twenty plus years—several of which were spent working for world renowned herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze.

And all of which led to my signature liver cleanse (Clean’ Lean), and first test subject losing 40 pounds in two months. Word of mouth from his success alone, snowballed into wellness seekers in 5 states using Clean’ Lean and enjoying similar results—including two medical doctors.

My purpose is to help prevent the needless suffering, premature aging, and deaths that my parents endured. Because I practice what I preach, I feel better now in my early 50’s than I did in my 20’s.

We can all age gracefully the way Mother Nature intended. I’ve learned to feed my body, rather than my taste buds, and to listen to my gut—it saves me time, money, and heartache. Besides, happiness is an inside job.

On or off the road, I stay happy and healthy by eating healthily most hours of the day and days of the week. I also enjoy barefoot walking/running, gardening, reading and green building (using earth bags, straw bales and clay). And of course spending time with my lil soulmate of a godchild.

Next up on my list of goals are to open a new concept retail location and franchise aimed to make healthy living affordable, finish my second book, travel detox centers around the world and have Clean’ Lean processed on a grander scale.

This while I express my creativity in designing t-shirts for my other muse — www.TruckHers.com — Trucking… something I spent 5 years doing. And now, with biggest growing PAIN$ behind me on that… I can’t WAIT to make them for Detox Mentor.

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“Vitality and beauty are gifts of nature for those who live according to its laws.” 
~Leonardo DaVinci~

About Carmen Cisneros

Author, Coach, and Herbalsita POWERED BY: Real Food and barefoot walking/running. Connect with Carmen on Google+