California Drought = Rising Food Costs

By on April 12, 2015

imageSign in front of those dying trees (photo on left), reads “Oranges.”

Each trip between SoCal and NorCal these past few months gets more depressing. This drought, what these farmers refer to as, “dust bowl,” has been years in the making. This slide show by Refinery 29 shows the disturbing facts.

Coming from a young widowed mother of 6, we were Eco-friendly long before it was a necessity or even considered cool. And for that, I am forever grateful.

Doesn’t Take Much To Get Clean

Living 6 months on the mountain last year was proof on just how clean we can get with very little imagewater. Most days my 2 gallon solar shower bag never got emptied. This, after showering, shampooing, shaving and shining.

Those who have “trained” their hair to a non-daily washing know, not only is your hair healthier, it stays cleaner longer. As a former cosmetologist and barber, I’d tell my customers with long hair to:

1. Only wash your scalp, and
2. Only condition your ends–the hair away from scalp.

This saves water, shampoo and conditioner. It also keeps your hair from getting oily sooner.

Practice Vegetarianism One Day A Week

Again, this isn’t about me. But having been a vegetarian since the 60’s, I and others are doing our part on saving water in this regard. I’m not saying to become vegan, but giving up meat at least one day a week will help save massive amounts of water AND help our thirsty planet. Meatless Monday is an organization that helps get you started.

imageLooking at these acres of animals that ask for nothing, eat same thing everyday of their lives then sacrifice theirs for others, I can’t help but be sad. I didn’t become a vegetarian to save them, it was a taste issue. But… Some serious thought needs to go into what these animals give on behalf of others. Let alone the water it takes to feed them.

As long as personal responsibility is not taken on saving water, we will each continue to pay deeply for it. And more than most could ever imagine.

“Why California’s Drought Is Do Scary: The State Grows ALL Our Food”

Who’s To Blame?

One thing that mustn’t be done is point fingers. 3 are always pointing back. Whether poor planning, wasteful 2-leggeds, daily meat eaters, chem trails or a political issue, some serious steps are in order.

Until then, food and water prices will continue to rise.


pictures are worth a thousand words

It’s so dry you can’t even see the sheep grazing. Their coat blends right into the dry farm lands. This California drought is not to be taken lightly.

sign, sign, everywhere a sign

sign, sign, everywhere a sign

The time is now to save water and money by growing your own food. Using water wise techniques like permaculture, aquaponics and/or hydroponics.

DISCLAIMER: I’m no farmer but have studied permaculture. So pardon if I use the wrong terminology when it comes to farming. Just trying to get gist across as I write on my cell, on the road, with sporadic reception, and data that runs out quickly✌️

“We’d better hope California figures out a way to keep cutting back. Our broccoli (and so much more) depends on it.”

and once again… while I remain a gypsy with limited writing time and reception, daily tid bits of health enhancing info can be found on one or all of my social media sites




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