Coffee or Tea–Which Is Best For YOU?

By on May 30, 2015

Life as a gypsy/nomad/free spirit lately has been more tiring than liberating. For that reason, I find myself drinking more coffee than tea. But mostly because it’s easier to get that than just plain ol’ hot water to do, the brew.

In reading a recent article on which is best (coffee or tea), studies show both. Of course it depends where and when you read it. Day after I wrote the benefits on both, I read how coffee messes with your brain. Many things can mess with our brain, if we let it. One thing that is certain is… You are not a number. Therefore your reaction to the same ingredient may differ, good or bad.

Quality and moderation of what you’re ingesting is key. Just as the character/soul of 2-leggeds can affect your energy/health, so can food. Which is good enough reason to think quality, not quantity on both.

coffee or teaAs for good or bad, here was my response to a recent Facebook post by Hippocrates Health Institute. I love the whole Hippocrates, let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. I also agree to disagree! So I posted this…

“It also helps you poop, which is kinda sorta a natural detox. One that helps you live longer, naturally! This of course being in moderation, preferably organic/free of pesticides and not doused with the crack cocaine of the food industry, aspartame.

Of course, Alzheimer’s is referred to as Type 3 Diabetes, sugar isn’t a whole lot better.

But I’ll stop there”

This is not to rain on anyone’s caffeine parade. The gods know I have my daily dose of one or the other. And on a blue moon, BOTH.

Link below gives the benefit of each. Tho since there are many, the 2nd link (in that post) lists them. If you’re wondering how to make your coffee or tea as healthy as can be, there’s a recipe for both. There’s even a way to decaffeinate coffee yourself.

That Coffee or Tea, Which Is Best? post comes from a new muse of mine, TruckHers. Having driven in the past and being on the road in a big rig for months, I decided to fill a void. Not easy without a home base, but… There wasn’t and still isn’t enough for women. And, I had to do something with the sparks of ideas I get.

“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.” ~Pablo Picasso~

That site (and t-shirts on it) aside, if drinking coffee is not your thing, consider the alternative… Coffee ENEMAS! I know I’ve written about them (outside my book), but I’ve just discovered I need to better categorize my posts. UGH! Just know, they are great for what ails you. From pain to weight loss once and for all, to getting better grades and hearing better. Should you want the, How To, please email me and I will send. I will also post about coffee enemas sooner than later.

Still Not Sure Which Is Best?

If coffee or tea have not served you well in the past, know that it may be your body’s way of telling you, YOU’RE IN DIRE NEED OF A DETOX. Something that other post mentions.

Cheers to a cup of something good!

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