Farewell to Detox Mentor

By on January 11, 2016

Writing as Detox Mentor has come to an end. I am super excited to begin writing as Medicine Woman Medium. A name my guides gave me. A gift that continues to transpire into more gifts at record pace.

A string of events got me here, some of which my About page on MWM sums up. They forgot one detail… Metal plate and 8 screws make me an excellent conductor. I also discovered I DID do more than faint. A near death experience was included.


However, since I did not remain on thee other side long (as About page states), the metal and well hydrated body connected me to my guides. TWELVE and counting. They are HILARIOUS! We make each other laugh often. So it is indeed a match made in heaven, and amongst the stars.

Diet and Detox are key

What I also love is that the guides are old school. Their remedies are right up my alley! Coffee enemas and real food to name a few.

So, not only will I be sharing a lot of the same information, it won’t just be divine. I’m their ChannelHer.

This site will remain up, but only for reference. All new postings will now be on Medicine Women Medium. Site is LIVE. Pardon growing pains as it continue to evolve (like me). I will be posting much more often now. So much I want to share already.

However, with Ascension has come necessary cutbacks on technology. I get dizzy. Details on other site soon. However, despite their request to let go of Detox Mentor, only real difference on information is it’s from Guides, not Google.

peace, love and may you all be blessed


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