Headache Or Spiritual Awakening?

By on September 4, 2015

Possibly both. If this is you, you are blessed. And whether one, thee other or both, DETOX will help you thru. Which can be as easy as changing your diet, adding more water and exercising.

“Everything that happens to me doesn’t have to be to my liking. I don’t have to like it. I can hate it. Hands to the heavens, middle fingers to the sky. Whatever you want.”  ~Matt Kahn~

**This has been me for longer than I can remember. I am posting this now because time is of the essence. I will continue to edit as my 10.6 pound brain allow 😉 I will also post more often, once I’m past the worst of my symptoms.

Since this continues to grow, I have labeled this Part 1. Thank you for making sense of my headaches while I do my darndest to get you all onboard–May you all be blessed.

Headache or Spiritual Awakening?

If a structural or physical cause, detox can help eliminate the toxic weight and waste that may be causing pressure on spine or nerve pathway. It can also clean up the blood going to your head. If a spiritual awakening. YAY! Consider yourself a chosen one.

Of course all are entitled. But those with a cleaner lighter body (and cell phone down), will be able to see and feel the signs and symptoms easier. There are many.

A clean body is power. What I thought was a trickle effect/consequence since having top left rib removed, turned out to be a spiritual awakening. A fascinating journey indeed! Painful on every level, but I honestly wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Seek And You Shall Find

Because I always look for a spiritual cause behind dis-ease, one thing led to another. And since my May check-up was… No news is good news, I began putting 2 and 2 together. Yeah, “it” is still there, but once settled, I will get rid of it. 

It being Sjorgren’s. A lesser of evils in the world of auto-immune dis-ease. One I believe to be stress, not genetic, bacterial or viral related. Although, I’ve recently read, spiritual awakening could include a virus.

“The hallmark symptoms are dry eyes, dry mouth, fatigue and joint pain, Sjögren’s may also cause dysfunction of other organs such as the kidneys, gastrointestinal system, blood vessels, lungs, liver, pancreas, and the central nervous system. Patients may also experience extreme fatigue and joint pain and have a higher risk of developing lymphoma.” ~Sjorgrens.org~

What does Sjorgren’s have to do with headache or spiritual awakening? Some of the symptoms overlap. Blurry eyes, dizziness, joint pain, and fatigue to name a few. A dire need to rest is no exaggeration. This single list of spiritual awakening signs and symptoms is by far the most extensive I’ve come across.

I’ve had all 60 symptoms and more. The more? I see rainbows around lights at night. This month the rainbows now turn to halos. And if I don’t blink, they become what looks like a firework in the sky. So very cool!

My guess is that I’ll soon be seeing auras around people. I’ve also closed my eyes as a passenger, just to open them and see what I saw with my eyes closed. Something I discovered without trying.

Since seeing rainbows could be a neurological problem and Sjorgren’s can affect eyes, I am happy to say that I did get a clean bill of health from an Ophthalmologist. The second pleasant side effect is that my hair is now curly, Not super, but plenty wavy. This, after 50 years with straight Native American hair. Otherwise, I can relate to every symptom on that list. These were thee only 2 that varied a bit for me.

#9 was a doozy for me. Rash on chin. There was even a week or so that my chin was distorted. Was freaky weird.

#57 wanting to go “Home” – yes and no. When the body, mind and spirit pain became almost unbearable, I actually came to terms in that… perhaps, my time was up.

Listen To Your Body

Do you find yourself exhausted beyond belief? Are doctors not able to find anything wrong? You are not alone. You may be waking up (to your true self). Nights will be no different. Sporadic and sleepless. Once you rule out all other possible causes, relax and enjoy. Less sleep is another symptom.

Goodbye 2-strand DNA, Hello 12+ strand!

Of all the symptoms, the day in and day out headache was the one that darn near got the best of me. I’m thankful my intuition knew to eat more protein. DNA upgrade takes a lot of energy and protein. YEP, our body doesn’t just repair itself, its becomes a better, more highly evolved version than when we were born. KUDOS to the up and coming children born in upgrade mode.

I’m tired as I write this, but I honestly CANNOT get enough of taking it in and/or share on occasion. I’m like a 5D junkie. And I continue to be amazed that my body knew to eat more protein. It was the only thing that made my head feel better. It helped loosen the vice around it.

**Please know this is a basic intro into so much I am learning. I’m also still in upgrade mode. Meaning, I’m doing my darndest to have this make sense and keep it in a logical order. I can talk about it till I’m blue in the face. Writing, is not as easy for now.

I’m sharing the little bit I know now to help you know that you’re not going crazy. If this speaks to, you know who you are. These symptoms are real. Also know, they may have you looking rough now, but it is because you are in an incubation period. Your DNA is changing from carbon based to crystalline. In the end, this transformation is said to leave us looking younger. I can DIG it! Another definition for incubation?

Incubation–how much you can survive on very little.” ~Matt Kahn~

Also, if you find yourself easily triggered/angered, that may be your body’s way of purging. You are purging on behalf of many. The incubation link above explains it. Matt Kahn refers to us as the Bad News Bears or the misfits. Funny. But, he also explains why it’s reason to CELEBRATE! We are light workers.

I started this post in June. That’s how utterly exhausted I’ve been. I need to send sooner than later because I want you to be in on this wave. So start yesterday. I list HOW below. However, not to worry should you not be a part of this first wave of ascension. According to Matt Kahn and others, there will be 3 waves. Each a 3rd of the population. Those of us in the first wave will be able to help the 2nd and 3rd waves thru it.

September is a BIG month for this wave of enlightenment/alignment. A shift with names that include:

First wave of ascension, Ascension flu, Kundalini awakening, spiritual awakening, Exiting the Matrix, Schmita, SHTF (shit hits the fan) or the newest… The SHIFT Has Hit The Fan.

Anyone Can Ride The Wave

If you’ve been praying for, and seeking spiritual growth, a “headache” could be just one answer to your prayer. If this is you, wouldn’t you want to embrace it? I say, bring em’ on!

just one of many signs of my awakening.

just one of many signs of my awakening.

What I didn’t know, until it began happening all too often is… Clumsiness is another sign. YEP! I’ve got the broken wrist scar and bruises from another fall to show for it. I do wear a wrist brace in public. A helmet has not yet been necessary. Tho the noggin’ took a hit, the ear bled and the arm and back got bruised on my fall last week.

Clumsy (off/on) to the point of being afraid to wear shoes with the slightest bit-of-a-heel.

“Once you start blessing people you realize how often you’ve been judging them”

Although I’ve been working on myself for decades, it’s hard to know exactly when this journey began. My guess is late 2012/early 2013. Comfort given during my dark nights of the soul have kept me going. Those being Angels—In many shapes and sizes.

Letting go of fear is what started thee awakening–something I’ve done much of my adult life. However, it was the decision to put my belongings in a 10 x 10 storage with walking space. Universe answered my wishes and brought me house/animal/garden sitting gigs. Tho my initial request was for 4 months. I’m now at 2 1/2 years without a home. If it sounds crazy, one woman I follow on this shift into 5D moved 6 times and divorced during her awakening. So I can’t complain.

If your soul prompts you to do a 4-wall fast, go for it. What made it easier for me was knowing some that have done it. Well… the only one I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and chat with for hours was Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad/Poor Dad). What sweet souls he and Kim are. So humble I forgot the photo op. And I don’t mention to name drop, but instead to point out, not all homeless people are addicts, lost, lazy or whatever judgement you may give.

Others that have lived without a home are Steve Harvey, Joe Vitale and Neale Donald Walsh. To name just a few. And perhaps the reasons they did weren’t all the same, but they are examples of what can happen when giving up earthly comforts, and keeping the faith. Both very important pieces of the puzzle.

Of course, living 6 months solo on the mountain last year helped. As have my decades of detox. Tho without a doubt, what propelled me into self realization, was being hurt to the core. Not via a mate, but indeed a loved one. I was left feeling U$ED, chewed up and spit out. It literally took my breath away. I am however thankful it was part of my journey.

I realize some will roll their eyes at any part of what I write. But the truly enlightened know, there is more than one path to enlightenment. And to each their own. Being vulnerable AND transparent are tools we can use to help others.

I now speak from experience. I’ve owned a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home and driven new vehicle after vehicle. Did they bring happiness or feel like home. Nope! Just one week after buying my home, the excitement wore off. When I sold it, I gave just about everything away. My belongings went into a 5 x 5 storage. I did that over 10 years ago. Yes I’m tired and ready to settle, but I am thankful I answered the yearning of my soul. I will soon find my heavenly home on earth.

Should you be propelled into an awakening after a loss or hardship, just know… It is how we handle those times that bring us up a notch. Anger, bitterness and/or a pity party will get us nowhere. If a burst of any of those does happen, it’s quick. Shake it off and move on.

Here A Sign, There A Sign, Everywhere A Sign SIGN

For those that wonder what my comfort signs have been. They are shiny dimes, feathers (lots of white ones that fall in front of me), white butterflies, drops of water on me (out of nowhere), buzzing by my ear, hearing my name, flickering lights, cell phone interruptions, dragonflies, numbers (123, 234, 11:11, lots of 2’s and combinations of 1’s and 2’s) and more.

“More” I blame on not remembering. Forgetfulness is another symptom. Just yesterday AND today I went in an elevator completely stumped on which floor to go to. At 2 places I’ve gone to more than a handful of times recently. A darn good thing I was alone one of those times 😉

Less Continues To Be More

After the bomb fell on my heart, I decided to sleep in my vehicle. Now mind you. I could not have roughed it with no end in sight. I’ve put my body thru enough. And while I’m not old, I’m no spring chicken either. I just need to take care of me now. And avoiding negative energy/hurting souls (for now) is part of that plan. Part of which meant walking away from monies paid in housing deals. Heavenly rewards seem to happen quicker with fewer earthly comforts.

Spiritual Growth Is Worth Physical Discomfort

“Had I not been, I would believe that living in my car in Los Angeles could not bring me such happiness. A place not far from, “the happiest place on earth.” And where bells and whistles are the norm.”

So… In between hotels, big rig and house/animal/garden sitting, my compact SUV became my home. Walking at parks and not letting anyone ruin it. Kinda crazy but my peace and joy were confirmation I was on the right track.

Not that I wasn’t happy. I’ve just reached a new level of peace and contentment DESPITE setback after setback. The last one being a 30-year wish being checked off my Bucket List BEFORE I settled. I did NOT want to postpone it. Or prolong my growth by going for a quick fix of “comfort”. Some being all expense paid stays in a suite in Palm Springs and trip to New Mexico. Or here and there with family or friends.

Homeless and Happy. The solitude and grounding of nature for stretches at a time were heaven sent. I now prefer them over stretches in a hotel with little to no contact with Mother Earth.

If At First The Universe/God Does Not Succeed, They Try Try Again

Breaking my wrist was my latest wake up call. I just tell myself “Not Yet” for TIMING on my 3rd attempt, in the past 3 years to drive a big rig cross country (for just 1 year). Yes, I have moments of wanting to curl up and wake up when the body, mind and spirit pains are over. But then I get emails like this and know they are a confirmation on what I know.

“Don’t you quit. All that hard work wasn’t for nothing. You are right on the edge of breaking through. Very often, we can get right to the point where we are about to transform and then – BOOM – we give up.” ~Mastin, The Daily Love~

Giving up is not an option for me. And yes, if the gods that be have a different plan… I’m all ears! I DO just wanna take that road trip before I become old and feeble.

Spiritual Diet

Interestingly, I discovered the more my spirit fed me, the less physically hungry I was. I’d eat for my brain mostly—To stop the former daily headaches. What I found crazy cool… not only was I not hungry, I wasn’t losing weight. Perhaps it was what I ate or drank that kept my weight up.

I’m forever thankful for the choices I’ve made in food and drink. And for knowing to get my body cleaner and lighter via detox. This type of FARMacy helped TUNE my body beyond my wildest dreams! I am more INtuitive.

Yes my body is past due for a deep down detox, and craving protein every day was strange. I seriously could not get enough. Such power DNA has. Like the mighty oak tree, that I explain below.

Eat To Live or Live To Eat

I tend to eat healthy most hours of the day and days of the week. But I suddenly began to lose interest for many foods. They no longer sounded or tasted good. I’d simply go thru the motion. Don’t be surprised if this happens to you. It’s a good sign.

Not even my drug of choice, CHIPS sounded delectable. UPDATE: Since I began writing this before summer, and since the breaking of my wrist on June 11th, I’ve been surrounded by 4 walls (instead of 4 wheels). I’m also eating more. Tho still only one main meal. That being Dunch (lunch/dinner). I’m just not hungry. If this is you, don’t resist. That’ll only slow down your growth.

Feed Your Soul And Your Soul Will Feed You

If you find yourself craving protein, heed the warning. Just aim for healthier alternatives. You never know if your DNA is in upgrade mode. Understand however, massive amounts of animal protein aren’t exactly good. They are heavy. And who knows WHAT the animal was thinking at the time of slaughter. Last thing you need is fear or anger flowing through your veins.

Source of Protein

If I wasn’t eating raw nuts or huge dollops of nut butter, I’d eat greens like the grass fed cows do. Meaning, many eat the beef/red meats for protein. Nothing wrong with being a carnivore. And I certainly don’t recommend that all become a vegan. But… the latter helps you shift into 5D. Being a vegetarian since the late 60’s/early 70’s was a taste choice. I now consider myself a lacto-ovo-pesca-vegatarian.

Should you decide to take this Flexitarian approach, consider including probiotics to your meals. Once you go without eating meat for long stretches, it becomes more difficult for your body to digest it. I discovered that by trying to include beef broth into my diet. I literally felt sick to my stomach. I was later told that having kombucha or kimchi (or other fermented food or probiotic supplement) with my meal would’ve helped. Also, knowing your blood type helps. I do believe there is some truth to it, having tried it myself.

Choose Wisely

I’m thankful my craving for Trader Joe’s wild salmon jerky came when it did. They’ve since changed it a bit. It’s a tad bit too soft and salty for my liking. I am thankful it was my only “meaty” vice. If jerky is something you may turn to, aim for brands with all natural ingredients. Because if you’re are ascending, your body will respond. And if not Trader Joe’s, try Jerky Snob. I met him on Instagram. He’s got flavors for everyone.

As for us vegetarians…

May the jerky makers of the world realize the earth does not revolve around meat eaters alone.

I speak on behalf of other non red meat eaters. Frustrating for anyone, but especially while on the road 6 months. Thankfully, my intense protein phase has passed. Raw foods and soup/broth are what I crave now. Raw milk and mostly raw kefir too.

What to do if your head hurts and you aren’t hungry? Since I had bouts of my head hurting around the clock, I had to come up with a better solution. Chia seeds were my saving grace! The high protein content satisfied my DNA’s demand. As we get closer to this shift, the head has begun needing more protein (and the body less food) again. So, chia seeds in my water bottle it is! If you decide to partake in these, consider organic and make sure you chew them well. They can get stuck in pockets of diverticulitis (or even your appendix). Not to scare anyone. They’re also high in fiber, so they’ll help bump up the ante on your bowel movements.

Detox your body and your mind and spirit win, and vice versa

For those wanting/needing to lose weight. A spiritual feeding may be all you need. And a clean body makes it easier. Especially your liver. If you long for one helluva spiritual ride… detox from food, stuff and technology. Go for walks in nature. Cell phone off–just be. Painful boredom is one sign you’re getting close.

“If everyday is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing.” ~Gail Sheehy~

As I wind down on house/cat sitting, I’ve got places to go. However, all of which include 4 walls and fewer angels. A day hardly goes by without a visit or daily reminder of my spiritual awakening. And for that, I’ve gotten greedy. I want more. Minus the intense headache. Giving up physical comforts have been worth it. However, I will be ready to settle by next month. After this first wave. Don’t wanna make a mistake on where.

Less Will Become More

Less talking, less buying, less wanting to prove anything, less disagreeing. You name it.

“When you’re a fully integrated soul, there’s no one to correct.” ~Matt Kahn~

Should you be in a state of ascension, good luck finding anyone that understands. Sadly, instead of being happy for you, some will feel threatened, intimidated or at competition with you. Why? They sense you are rising above much, despite the circumstances you’ve been under. There will be comments, put downs, let downs, accusations and judgements. Some may talk badly about you. And even kick you while you’re down. Others will lose respect for you. Yet, there will be a select few asking when you will be back. They’ve grown to like the energy you bring.

Knowing the downside of why this is happening, is half the battle. It is part of your journey. So, as hard as it can be at times, just kill em’ with kindness. This too shall pass. Humility is part of the surrender. Higher vibrating souls will enter your life. What needs to be shed, will.

It’s all there to help you ascend. It’s a test you wanna pass with brighter colors. Because two wrongs do not make a right. Send every good vibe you can muster up. You’ll be the better person for it.

Spiritual awakening does not include status or stuff. Many claim to have arrived, yet their behavior/EGO shows otherwise. If you’d like a crash course on this shift into 5D (5th dimension), and you are not opposed to laughing… this guy is good! Straight, to the point, no BS. He shares from the heart. If you don’t like his style, seek and you shall find a master that suits you. He (Matt Kahn) came to me in a dream a few days before online.

Also, one quality of those in true alignment is… They won’t be tight-lipped to share. And vice versa. When the time come for you. Think Golden Rule.

“The Golden Rule is the idea that people should treat others in the same way that they themselves would like to be treated. It is often expressed as “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” which is one translation of a Biblical verse, Luke 6:31.”

Like all of life, you can choose to see your glass half full or half empty. Shit hitting the fan or a SHIFT hitting the fan.

Acorn - SpiritualityAs for thee ACORN? I sat next to it at a park last week. It is not only sacred geometry and the most beautiful of acorns I’ve ever seen. It was a sign of sorts. Just as an Oak tree grows to be strong and powerful, so can we. And according to this article, thee acorn tells me to OWN my spiritual DNA.

Okay, that’s more than enough for now. Here’s what I’m doing to help it along:

  • sacred geometry – it is no wonder I was drawn towards the Sri Lanka a few years back.
  • distilled water – opens 3rd eye. Helps remove inorganic minerals, not the organic ones your body needs. This is one area I need to edit in next edition of book. If anything, STOP using fluoride—It calcifies your pineal gland/3rd eye.
  • drink ozonated water – helps detox your body
  • eat lighter – helps you vibrate higher. It’ll help you hear the call to ascend. Who wouldn’t want heaven on earth?
  • listen to 432hz or 528 hz – some beautiful sounds that our DNA will love and respond to. If you think you’ve gotta give up your genre of music, you may be pleasantly surprised to hear which songs some have been converted from 440 to 432hz.
  • barefoot walking – gotta stay grounded and connected/plugged in.
  • know when to stop talking. Doing the next bullet point helps.
  • bless the heck out of everyone, especially when they’re not nice. This can be silently.
  • treat yourself and everyone else like a 5 y/o. Meaning, BE KIND.
  • LOVE like there’s no tomorrow. Doing the 2 previous ones this makes this one easier.

These last 3 will do wonders. They alone can change the world.

Until next time… daily tidbits of health enhancing info can be found on my
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If you’re wondering if you may be in the midst of a spiritual awakening, these are just some of the other many resources that helped me. FYI… you won’t find it on Wikipedia.
















peace, love, light… You are worth your weight in gold. Go for it!


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