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DETOX MENTOR – where house calls are just a phone call away. Unlike the sterile impersonal environment of a doctor’s office or hospital, or the high cost of a detox center/spa… a detox coach can save you time and money and get you looking and feeling better than you have in years!

You are not a number – you should not be treated like one. Each person is unique – a diagnosis, prognosis or treatment should be as well. A death sentence given by doctors is morally wrong. Anyone can recover from anything if that is their desire. Aside from diet and detox, forgiveness is a huge part of healing. Detoxing your body helps your mind and spirit, not to mention gives you the oomph to keep going.

Why Detox? Got an addiction to food, alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals, shopping? Depressed? Got aches, pains, unsightly cellulite, high cholesterol, cancer, Diabetes, asthma, or allergies? Want to lose weight once and for all, without dieting? Foggy thinking or bad grades got you down? Poor vision, bad breath, belly over belt, or circulation a problem (men)? A Detox Mentor can save you years of therapy, addiction rehab, counting calories, medications and unnecessary tests.

Why a Detox Mentor? To shorten your leaning curve, speed up results, and lessen side effects. For more information and a list of services, please see “Services” page.

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