High Blood Pressure And Your Kidneys

By on October 13, 2015

“High blood pressure is responsible for half of all kidney disease, while the other half is mostly caused by Diabetes from the high sugar content in the blood.” ~Dr. Schulze~

I love how my former employer puts those pieces of the puzzle together.

Take care of your kidneys and your heart and blood sugar (level) benefit. And vice versa.

Pretty cool, considering research now shows cranberry juice isn’t just good for your kidneys, it’s great for your heart. Simply fascinating! However, best to get unsweetened juice.

“Significant improvements in vascular function from drinking two cups of cranberry juice suggest an important role for cranberries in a heart-healthy diet.” ~Dr. Rodriguez-Matoes from the Division of Cardiology, Pulmonology and Vascular Medicine at the University Duesseldorf, Germany~

Clean Your Filters/Organs

While a clean liver is great for optimal weight and overall health. Clean kidneys benefit your skin/3rd kidney, heart and blood sugar levels.

Like a vehicle or even an air conditioner unit. Both run smoother, cooler and last longer when clean.

Considering an oil change makes a difference, imagine what high grade fuel/food and regular maintenance/detox do. Both will get you looking and feeling your best. Unlike your vehicle, ignore your body, and you’ll be more than stuck. Trading yourself in for a newer model isn’t acutely an option. I mention since your kidneys are part of your filters.

High Blood Pressure Not Your Issue?

Although high blood pressure makes the news more than low, there are some of us with extremely low blood pressure. Yes it can be an issue, but it can also help us live longer. Since all my vitals are low, I’m often asked if I’m an athlete. I’ve also been sent home with a monitor for 24 hours.

With my blood pressure dropping into the low 80’s lately, I’ve discovered it’s best they take it when I’m standing. That and drink coffee beforehand, as suggested by one medical professional. Being hydrated also helps. As does Himalayan salt. And the beloved apple cider vinegar (ACV). High blood pressure or low—ACV helps regulate.

“Healthy people who have blood pressure that is low but still in the normal range (when measured at rest) tend to live longer than people who have higher normal blood pressure.” ~MerckManuals.com~

Since there has not been a medical cause for my low blood pressure, I contribute it to my ongoing spiritual awakening. An incubation period to be exact. One that some have just begun to feel themselves. One that others have yet to feel. And others believe those of us who have–Have lost it. Wait’ll they get theirs. I mention because it’s more reason to get and be healthy now. It can be a dizzy doozy worth having. And an experience that can include high blood pressure.

Foods, Drinks and Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Whether heart disease and/or stroke is genetic or has become epigenetic (diet and lifestyle), drinking cranberry juice will help. But why touch just the tip of the iceberg when you can do more? This list gives more ideas on prevention and natural healing of heart disease and stroke.

Oh… I mustn’t forget, healthy oral hygiene can help your heart more than it does your teeth and gums. This short video explains.

Another remedy worth doing is oil pulling. Great for teeth and overall health. Something I’ve written about since 2004. However, since more of my posts continue to go missing, I can’t give link. Like my COFFEE ENEMAS posts/links that I’d send to clients. Poof—GONE! Hosting company has yet to find and/or explain.

UGH! Breathe Carmelita breathe…

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