Juniper Berries For Spiritual Protection?

By on February 9, 2015

“Sometimes that which seems ordinary is really most extraordinary of all.” ~M.P. Kozlowsky, Juniper Berry~

having worked for Dr. Schulze, a world renowned natural healer and herbalist, I knew juniper berries helped cleanse and flush the kidneys, bladder and anything related to those. And since our skin is referred to as our 3rd kidney, when you help those, it’s a win for our skin.

Spiritual Protection

Today I learned they’re also great to ward off an evil eye and curses. What made this interesting was that I found and picked some while I was walking AND praying. I’m not one to believe in superstitions (black cat, under the ladder or Friday the 13th) type is stuff, however… I have been told by more than one person that a curse was put on me.

“Juniper berry intermingles and blends the energies of all the chakras, distributing them along the CNS: supports and energizes the endocrine system–connects and energizes the eyes and liver, pancreas, heart and thymus, throat, Third eye, pituitary and pineal, kidneys and adrenals.”

When the second person told me, she got my attention with what she shared. Without going into detail (or giving it energy), I do know our spiritual, mental and emotional health can affect our physical health. One example is cancer and anger/forgiveness. Kidneys however relate to fear, which explains why juniper berries were used for that too… To help children.

“Juniper oil impacts the emotions as much as it impacts the free radicals that create illness. Essential pure juniper oil purifies the body physically, and it’s a spiritual plane cleanser as well, especially when emotionally draining situations or people interfere with balanced mental vibrations.”

Whatever the ailment, I do know that deep down detox, done long (and regular) enough can work magic on our body, mind and spirit. It can replace any and all medications, including anti-depressants.

“If you want to stay healthy, keeping your kidneys in good working condition is essential. Every organ in your body DEPENDS on your kidneys staying healthy and strong. In fact, all the cells in your body need nutrition brought IN and waste eliminated OUT, and they need your KIDNEYS to do this! Clogged and sluggish kidneys impact every system of the body, because your kidneys are such a key part of delivering essential vitamins and oxygen to your cells and getting waste and toxins out.”

now to make a bracelet with my newfound juniper berries 😉

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