“Carmen leaves no stone unturned. An extremely informative resource on the many ways to safely, naturally, and effectively slow down the aging process. I will use this book in many discussions and recommend it as a must have tool.”  Crooked Arrow Jackson, Ph.D., M.H., Tribal Medicine Woman, Author, and Anatomical Health Practitioner


“I started the Master Cleanse after reading your book. It’s been 10 days and I’ve lost 8 lbs and I’m feeling great. I’ve had such great success that I’m reading your book for the 2nd time.”  Arvee Robinson – Master Speaker Trainer“Not only does Carmen “walk her talk” when it comes to health, longevity and wellness” she has such vast expertise in the field of anti-aging.  Her book is a MUST READ, her coaching is extraordinary because she really gets to the heart of the matter in discovering what you want, and why that is important to you.  Look better, feel better and even more importantly fall in love with your life at an even deeper level with Carmen by your side.”  Carolyn McCormick“Grab Your Ultimate Dreams” Coach – Business and life coach to mentors such as Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Stephen Covey, and Bob Proctor.


“I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning how to live a more healthy lifestyle (and not sure where to begin). This humorous and informative book shows you how to be proactive with your health to remain fit and youthful.”
Jon Jensen, CMH, Iridologist, International Speaker, Optimistic Lifestyles


“How much do you love your self?  Read this delightful book and discover what a truly healthy individual will do to embrace beauty from the inside out.  I was so tickled by the clever wording of each chapter title and the ease at which a very serious topic was made light. Thank you Carmen for lifting the beauty industry to higher standard.”
Pamela Harper, RN, CCH, CAC, Mentor, Speaker, Author and CEO of University of Masters


“Want a better body from head to toe, inside and out? This book gives you the tools to look and feel your best! ”  Suzy Prudden, Internationally acclaimed speaker and author, Hypnotherapist and Mind-Body Expert


“I lost so many pounds and inches I had to keep tightening my belt. I ran out of belt holes and began to make some. I felt great and had so much energy!”
Tom Bow, Scottsdale, Arizona


“I write this testimony to tell others about the “new and improved” Master Cleanse you helped me with. The thought of fasting seems unbearable. It can be done. I’m living proof of that. All it takes is will power, strength, and most of all a positive attitude. I know being new to fasting may be hard. If you don’t go all the 10 days the first time don’t give up, try it again. I did this cleanse two times and will continue on. The first time was a little tough, but the second time was easier. I can honestly say that I enjoy fasting now. I love the results. I lost 22 pounds, my complexion is better than ever, my body feels great, I have more energy, but most of all I feel good about myself. My menstrual periods are lighter and I don’t cramp as bad. I have a history of stomach problems. I have fibroid cysts around my uterus and fallopian tubes, and an inflamed large intestine, which causes severe pain. I had to get rushed to the emergency room more than once. They would give me shots of pain medication. They said the only cure was to remove my uterus and reconstruct my large intestine. That was out of the question since I was young. I knew I had to do something. Since trying this cleanse and of course changing my eating habits, I am happy to say I have not had trouble with my cysts or my intestine. My stomach feels good, no bloating and no pain. I strongly recommend everyone try this cleanse, not only does it do wonders to your body but your mind as well. You have nothing to lose (except weight of course) and everything to gain. Leandra Valenzuela., Palmdale, CA


“I didn’t think I would feel great after completing my 10-day cleanse. I am 14 pounds lighter and can visually see that I have released the poisonous toxins that were trapped in my body. I never felt a bit drained from start to finish. Instead, I felt better each day both physically and mentally. If you’re determined to better yourself and your body, I recommend the Master Cleanse. This has been a good start for me to realize that being healthy starts with caring for my body.” Rosalie Cervantes, San Fernando Valley, CA


“I was in a fire a little over a year ago where 6 of us breathed in some toxic fumes. My health progressively went down hill from that experience and out of desperation I searched out some alternative things to do. My path came across Carmen by accident and it was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. I told her my health issues and she put me on a health protocol that has literally saved my life. The other 5 men have passed away from toxic poisoning. I am feeling stronger and healthier every day and the best part of it is that the program is not really as hard as I thought it would be. If you are struggling with any health problems, you owe it to yourself to really make the changes she suggests. You never want to hear those dreaded words, “If we would have just caught this a day sooner.” I even look years younger and my allergies have disappeared. Thank you and God Bless you Carmen.” David Webster, Newport Beach, CA


“I tend to get post nasal drip and allergies, so I thought the mucus cleanse might help. It was much easier than I thought. I’ve never had only liquid for 3 full days before. I was never hungry and had tons of energy until day #3. On the last day I got a headache and felt icky as the day moved on, the toxins must have really started to move. I’m glad I did it. A lady at work told me I was glowing and I lost 5 pounds as well. I think cleanses are necessary and should be done once a quarter. Carmen was coaching me the whole way through, she’s amazing!” Robin Munz, Phoenix, Arizona


“I got over a hundred stones out and want to do it again. A very interesting cleanse and not as bad as you had prepared me for.”
Bobby G. Palm Springs, California


“You now have your pharmacy and medical facilities in a book! No more worries about needing extensive and expensive healthcare insurance or whether you will be able to afford your medical care as you get older. Carmen provides you with all you need to heal yourself, prevent disease and live the long healthy life you were meant to. So many of us have stopped listening to our bodies; I was one of them. We just let it get further and further away from being healthy and vibrant. Too many of us simply accept that it is normal to be unhealthy and we try and rely on pills to eliminate symptoms, until our system can’t take it any longer, game over. But it doesn’t have to be that way! What is great is that in her book, Carmen, writes in such simple and light hearted terms so anyone can relate and understand the important and life saving information she shares. This is what the world needs! I am so thankful for what I have learned from her. I am certain she has added many healthy years to my life, and I was on the worst end of the eating scale. Even though I wasn’t overweight, my body had developed a disease that the doctors said was incurable and would only get worse over time, until it killed me. Thanks to what I have learned in this book and from Carmen, that disease is now gone, and at 50 I am healthier than I was in my 20s and 30s.

I feel so proud of Carmen’s willingness and passion to share what she has learned and experienced first hand. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”  Dwayne Lawrence Santa Monica, CA


“I was dealing with ovarian cysts, and after trying the Castor oil packs that Carmen told me about, on my next recheck with an ultrasound they were gone. Thanks Carmen for your great advice.”  Irma, Simi Valley, CA


“Very informative book. I wish it was available also in print as the Kindle version is difficult for this type of book.”  Margarita Cordero Balastre, Costa Rica


“I have read Carmen’s book after one year of being vegan and reading tens of books about healthy living. However, her book was a very concise and very based on essence of all the techniques of being healthy. I can say it is the best review so far. It has enough details without entering too deep in the details. Due to this book, I have started Master Cleanse based on cayenne pepper and lemons. That totally transformed my way of perception about complete fasting. Overall, I highly recommend this book if you are a beginner and you need a starting point or if you are advanced and you just need a review.”  Adrian Lordache


“After being around Carmen for a bit, I saw her knowledge and potential in the disease prevention and natural healing world. I literally insisted she make her own formula(s), rather than recommend those of others. My system had begun to shut down. I could not eat an entire child’s hamburger or even 1 egg. I also had fatty cysts up and down my arms. I was the initial guinea pig (you might say) for Carmen’s formula(s). In 2 months I lost 40 pounds, cysts began to disappear, and I was able to eat normally, only this time Carmen demonstrated some How To. Needless to say, her first product went to 5 states in 2 months from my results. Thank you Carmen for giving me the gift of life!” Robert Salinas, Founder of Uronimo


“Carmen is one of the few people that I can talk to about taking a dump! And when I refer to ‘dump’, I’m talking about toxic waste. Few people understand what it takes and what the results are of dumping our waste but in order to understand it, we must understand what is coming out. We can identify certain ‘characteristics’ in our toxic waste and that can help us focus our efforts as we cleanse ourselves and rid ourselves of dis-ease. Carmen has years of experience using nature to eliminate dis-ease. As I edit her book, I realize that it’s only a small portion of what she knows and has to offer those who are looking for safe alternatives to healing. I know that I can count on Carmen to have those conversations that even most doctors can’t have, and certainly no friends want to have, about how to eliminate toxic waste from my body. I can only hope that her current book is simply the beginning of her knowledge being shared.

Carlos Bill  M.Ed.


Co-Founder – Travel to Learn – http://itraveltolearn.com

Natural Building Workshops – http://itraveltolearn.com/naturalbuilding.html


I had the opportunity to use Carmen’s Detox program. I am 56 years old and need to be careful with weight gain issues . Carmen’s Clean n’ Lean A& B detox was very easy and a more natural way to clean out my body. I had great results. I lost 15 pounds. No worries and no side effects.”  Diana Salinas Wood


“Right before I started CLA I was feeling sluggish, my rheumatoid arthritis was out of control and causing a lot of pain and my eating habits were pretty horrible.  I was beginning to feel hopeless that the medication my doctors were prescribing to me was not working but also causing toxicity in my body that would surface in other ugly ways in the future(e.g. rash,cancers etc…).  When I found out about CLA I was interested in in because it is a detox supplement and made from completely natural material.  I began taking CLA about 6 months ago and now my energy levels have gotten better and the pain from my arthritis has eased and now I am exercising more and being more active in life.  One of the best things about CLA is that it was a small step that I could take on my journey to better health. Taking that small  step then led me to eating healthier and seeking alternative ways to treat the cause of my rheumatoid arthritis, not only the symptoms.”  Marian, Los Angeles, CA


“Carmen, i just want to thank you for providing me with your incredible uDetox liver and colon cleanse. I just received the report from the Dr and all enzyme levels went back to normal. You’re the best! Thank you”  Jon Kogawww.kogaworkout.com


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