ManBoobs and Breast Reduction Surgery (for them) Are Gaining Momentum!?!

By on May 27, 2014


“Could anything be more alarming? Men are undergoing breast reduction surgery at an ever-accelerating rate – up 2,540% in just five years.”  ~Al Sears, MD~

Cosmo Kramer and Mr. Constanza (from Seinfeld) were on to something with their invention of a bra for men, or as they were calling it… Manzeere and, The Bro. An hilarious episode about a serious problem that is occurring.  Even young boys are walking around with these ever growing manboobs. The lesser of evils now that breast cancer has become another consequence.


While diet is a huge culprit, other causes include everyday products like shampoo, colognes, detergent and more. Dr. Sears lists these other causes, including how this feminizing first began with fish. One thing he does not discuss  is the connection of eating non-organic animal products.

As self-esteem plummeting as this may have become for some, prevention and reversal are possible. One way to rid body of these is a product he designed to cleanse the body of these alien-estrogens. Just know, unless you don’t mind the return of man-boobs, you’ve got to steer clear of the foods where animals were injected with hormones and steroids. If they can plump up the animals in dangerously fast amount of time, imagine what they’ll do to you?

Simple ways to avoid are eating less animal products, buying only organic and/or avoiding those alien-estrogen containing household products and toiletries Dr. Sears lists in article. If scent is an issue, DETOX! You’ll smell better from the inside out, from that… and a real food diet!

“This hushing-up of the estrogen crisis is typical of mainstream medicine. If you look at the environmental journals, however, you’ll be stunned by the mountain of evidence.”  ~Al Sears, MD~


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