Mask of Pregnancy, Without The Pregnancy?

By on August 1, 2013

With or without pregnancy, this hyperpigmentation is known as melasma (or Chloasma). And though considered “the mask of pregnancy,” it seems more prevalent amongst non-pregnant women.

My original post on melasma covered potential causes and cures. Two causes that seem to be a common denominator for many are, sun exposure and birth control pills. Since I’ve never been pregnant, that wasn’t the cause of mine. I know darn well what caused mine, working outdoors in the Arizona desert for 7 years, and taking birth control pills for 10. A double whammy, and precisely why I know one can get the mask of pregnancy without getting pregnant. These two photos (from an Oprah article) confirm the sun exposure and birth control theory. May knowing this help others prevent melasma.

sun exposureEven though I wore sunscreen my first couple of years working construction, I stopped. Daily doses of sunscreen, sweat and dirt are not a girl’s best friend. But, looking back now, I’ve got  some would’ve’s, could’ve’s, and should’ve’s. Mainly on using sunscreen no matter what.

As for birth control, I worked 3 years in a clinic educating young women on birth control (during my 20’s), I was aware of all the birth mail-1control methods. In my 30’s, I switched to the rhythm method. Safe, rather effective, and no side effects – you just gotta know your body.

Had I known what I know now, I would have never taken birth control pills. They are not liver friendly. Our liver has enough work to do, removing excess hormones should not be one of them. Thus, the other two names for melasma… “age” and “liver” spots.

“The truth is that the liver plays a significant role in hormonal imbalances because the liver breaks down or metabolizes the hormones once they have done their work in the body.”  ~Dr. Sandra Cabot, The Liver Doctor~

If you are going to introduce harmful substances into your body on a regular basis, know the consequences. Being that I detox regularly, I don’t mind wearing my 110+ sunscreen. Becoming a fanatic (on what’s in the sunscreen) won’t serve me well. Eating healthy most hours of the day and days of the week, and my seasonal detoxing for a good 15 years now, has.

I’ve come to realize that anything can be reversed. Ailment, dis-ease, and even melasma. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Believing we can do or undo something is half the battle. I speak from experience having seen my melasma come and go. My 2 weeks building a straw bale home on the Hopi reservation aggravated it, but probably because I didn’t wear sunscreen. I began reversing it rather quickly on my own, and now 2 years later even more so.

I am now almost one month into a 3+ month detox and rebuilding protocol. A personalized protocol based on my urine and saliva test results, which were like day and night compared to blood work. I’m happy to see and say, I already see the melasma breaking up and fading. This is a 50 year major tune-up I’m doing on myself this summer. Never thought I’d be happy to be wearing sunscreen, but I am. Being proactive on the outside and working on the inside gives me more incentive to prevent it from coming back.

We are always our worst critics, many do not see what we see. Even my dermatologist said it wasn’t that bad. Mild or major, I know it can be frustrating and emotionally stressful. The photo above is of me last weekend. I will post alongside some after photos once my 3+ month detox is over. May my results encourage others to refuse to be treated like a number, and instead find their unique solution. I’m glad I did. Except, I did so after using a harsh cream and having my first and last glycolic peel. Both of which made my skin more sensitive to the point of getting a rash (and melasma worse after peel). I will explain more in a future post.

One thing I’m certain of is… sun exposure aggravates mine. Working outdoors proves it, as does seeing part of my chin and my left cheek worse than the right. These are areas where the sun hits when I drive (and the sun visor doesn’t quite cover).

better to find your own solution than spend time and money searching like I did

**images from original article, 6 Reasons Your Skin Looks 10 Years Older, by Corrie, Pikul, Oprah. com. Other 4 reasons include:

  • nearsightedness that causes squinting (and wrinkles)
  • neglecting teeth causing facial skin to become loose
  • cheap sunglasses that cause you to squint (and get wrinkles)
  • hormonal changes causing loss of collagen and weight loss causing skin to sag


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