Meat Eaters Beware

By on March 1, 2014

Avoid medications but still eat meat? Unless the animal products you’re eating are raised humanely, preferably organic (even kosher), then what you’re consuming are hormones, steroids, antibiotics and more. This is one reason why some people only eat what they hunt. Animals are cage free, wild and free of torture and medications. As a child, I saw animals killed and butchered on two separate occasions, both for huge gatherings. A vegetarian since the 60’s, I’ve never liked the taste of meat. And although those animals lost their life in humane ways, I’m still not a fan of meat. I do however have respect for those who take control of what they eat.

“These huge industrial “warehouses” raise sick animals (due to the overcrowded, unhygienic conditions) that are routinely injected with antibiotics and artificial hormones.

They are also fed pesticide-laden grains and other byproducts for their feed. All of the additives to the animals (the antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides) get transferred to you when you eat that meat. The routine use of antibiotics in particular has led to the rapid rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs that now threaten human life.”  ~Dr. Mercola~

What most meat eaters fail to understand is that the anger, fear and panic that comes over these animals gets transferred to humans. Add to that all the chemical laden “foods,” and it’s the reason health care has become nothing more than sick care. This non-verbal video speaks volumes.



“Modern food production involves animal cruelty on a scale never seen before.”   ~Dr. Mercola~

Does this translate to an increase of certain types of crime? My guess is yes.


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