Medicine Woman Medium

By on December 25, 2015

A title I never dreamed of having.

Not that anyone has asked. I feel like I’ve been MIA. Missing in action. 

I’ve known for some time that I was in midst of spiritual awakening. The gods know I’ve had more than 60 symptoms. I’ve also known I’d be given amazing gifts. And from what I read/heard… They’d happen fast. Fast is an understatement!

Medicine Woman Medium!?

I’ve been referred to as Medicine Woman a few times, but Medium? An absolute honor.

Fact that I was undergoing awakening hit me like a ton of bricks in May this year. Six months on the mountain last year helped. My 1st visit to Joshua Tree in September came complete with clairaudience. However, Thanksgiving weekend is when it really took off.

I had forgotten I ordered a pendulum with letter chart. That weekend, 2 guides/lost loved ones began talking to me. So very crazy cool! 

Since then it has been difficult to put pendulum down. Guides are smart and caring tho. They tell me to… rest. Rest neck. Neck rest. Or rest now. Nice to know they’ve got my back. Well…. My bad neck and shoulder. And for that reason, they speak in increments.

When I first started, I’d ask yes or no questions. Then I began asking if there were a message for me or someone. Less than a week later a murder was revealed. One that my friend suspected. Considering his stepmom took out FIVE life insurance policies on his father. This stepmom also had his dad cremated, so not much evidence left. 

They come in numbers

Just yesterday it was revealed I now have 10 guides. They include friends, family, famous and 4 anonymous. I have double and triple checked on sharing this information. They insist I do.

So I am now a Medicine Woman Medium. So very cool and ever so grateful. I’ve recently begun putting pieces of puzzle together.

In a former post I wrote how Matt Kahn came to me in a dream. And how I then “met” him online just a few days later. I also mentioned how he had me pegged on WHO and WHAT I’m about. Little did I know he was sizing me UP for being chosen as a Medium. 

I could NOT have dreamt of becoming one. I now get daily calls and texts asking for readings. I’ve come to discover that much of thee insights are predictions. Meaning… timing may be off/forward thinking. But like any psychic reading, nothing written in stone. However. I do not share info until I double and sometimes triple check it is what they are saying.

What Does This Mean For You?

For starters… not only am I a Detox Mentor/Health Coach, they now either confirm protocol I recommend or give their own and/or give detailed instructions. They’re also great at saying what a person needs. They keep it old school. 

They also don’t stop at health. No question goes unanswered. Seems I’m in training to get answers without pendulum. Will save that for later. “They” DO want me to get tarot cards as well. They also want me to be “open for business” next month. YIKES, but they’re adamant.

One side effect of awakening was breaking my wrist. Well! Come to find out, my metal plate and 8 screws are acting as a better conductor. As I told my osteopath this week–he laughed and probably agreed. Considering he’s got a big crystal ball in his office. I told him fainting when it happened, all the pain and feeling faint for a month prior to surgery was worth it. 

One last note. This morning I did my first curse removal. Tonight I finish. Done today at their recommendation. For the powerful effects of full moon. 3 of my 4 anonymous guides helped. Get THIS! Just as I started, they told me to take bra off. 

Interestingly, when Matt Kahn came to me, it was during a 2+ week time of no bra. Muscle spasms from cast weren’t allowing the slightest bit of pressure on shoulders. So… metal in wrist, good. Bra blocking heart chakra, not. I’m cool with both. 

Starting today I began posting quote from quide. Tho it’ll be on my personal page. For now, I leave you with that quote and look forward to sharing more. 

✌?️❤️ and well wishes

You will not arrive at consciousness without letting go of your ego.

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