Monsanto losing strength? Way to go, GMO!

By on July 11, 2013

Antibiotics aren’t the only ones losing their effectiveness. It appears Monsanto is too. Their competitor? Mother Nature. Pests are beginning to roar their heads and return to the patented GMO crops. This of course, being music to the ears of pesticide and herbicide Agent Orange For Dinner?makers. May they soon realize more is not better. GMO has got to go!

To think GMO (genetically modified organisms) won’t affect you is mind boggling. As a Baby Boomer, I’ve been around long enough to see the decline in health with each passing generation. This, despite medical advances and health care reform.

Technology has been good to cars and computers. Unfortunately, it has done nothing for our food supply and health, other than made many want things fast. The price tag for fast, processed, packaged food is your health. Not looking or feeling your best is hardly worth the convenience.

Centenarians know where to find the fountain of youth, especially those living in blue zones (a demographic and/or geographic area where people are living longer). One secret to living long, naturally healthy lives is in the food they eat and grow. Many garden well into their hundreds. They are proof that hard work and real food are the best medicine.

Monsanto = Manboobs

there are more and more of them popping up

Gardening does more than provide food. It does a body, mind, and spirit good. A neighbor of a friend of mine is a pediatric coroner. Her garden is her sanctuary – she goes there to be rejuvenated. Prior to Gypsyhood, my day did not feel complete without starting it in the garden. As a gypsy this summer, I am overdo for my daily dose of replenishing. Thankfully, I have gardens I can visit and help tend to. Anyone can and should grow their own food. Space should not be an issue – an entire salad can be grown in a pot. With food prices on the rise, it’d be wise to start one sooner than later. And not for mere price sake – it assures you that the food you eat is not laden with chemicals.

Just as antibacterial soap and antibiotics have compromised our health, GMO foods are destroying it. There’s a good, bad, and ugly side to pests and bacteria. Killing off every single microbe in the form of antibiotics and pesticides is the ugly side.  One that is worthy of doing your homework on, rather than be an experiment. There’s a rather excellent 10 minute video that gives a great explanation of GMO’s – aside from, what I think is a corny intro, it is educational for all ages.

If this video brings the slightest bit of enlightenment, consider avoiding seedless – you are buying into the Monsanto Mayhem. Aside from being downright lazy on the part of the consumer, you are handing over control of the seeds. When an organization owns seeds, they will own life.

Eat local, organic, and in season  – this was the original Farmacy. Foods picked before ripe, then trekked in for thousands of miles lose their nutrition. Even worse are the GMO foods being injected with cold water fish genes, so they’ll grow in cold weather. This is not of Mother Earth. There’s a reason for each season. In winter we eat heavier warming foods and in summer lighter cooling foods. It is no accident, this is what nature intended. GMO foods are affecting our food supply in many ways. The late Albert Einstein saw this coming decades ago.

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.” ~Albert Einstein~

Mini Me and I

March Against Monsanto – May 25, 2013. Mini Me with her yellow arrow pointing to my sign. Too cute!


To bee or not to bee? Even the bees are dying off at alarming rates. This is serious. If you still need more convincing, the following link has 2 documentaries on the collapsing colonies of honey bees. I’ve already felt the affect of it. Here in California, almond farmers have been hit the hardest. Not being able to find decent almond butter has put a damper on my snacking. I’d rather go without than be price gouged though.




According to Personal,

     **Bread will cost $25 a loaf

     **Hamburger will cost $60 a pound

     **Gas will cost $37 a gallon

This, believe it or not, is just one example of what’s yet to come. Unless you start growing your own food and saving the seeds, you will be at the mercy of price gouging, food shortages, and declining health. Should you decide to take charge of your livelihood, adding beehives to your garden just may be the icing on your cake of well-being!

 “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  ~Benjamin Franklin~

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