Natural Healing IS A PROCESS – One Worth Going Through!

By on March 23, 2014

I once read that for each year we abuse our body, it takes one month to reverse dis-ease and any and all ailments. I bumped up the ante on my health care more than 15 years ago via diet and detox. And during my 2 to 4 detox’s/year, I still have crazy stuff come out (and I’ve been a vegetarian since the 60’s). There is no one size fits all, but what will always be true is… a clean body and whole foods can help anyone prevent disease and heal naturally. Natural healing involves using food as our medicine and keeping our gut clean.

What many fail to understand is that it takes time to get well – there will be unpleasant signs and symptoms going the natural route. Many of which ARE what cause some to abandon healing naturally. If only they’d understand it is part of the dying off process – what is also known as Herrings Law. I always tell all, it’s better to be miserable for a short time and get through it than the rest of your life. For the mere fact that not only does it benefit our body, our mind and emotions reap the benefits. Those benefits that far outweigh any unpleasant side effects. 

What those unfamiliar with the power of detox tend to do instead is, complain and convince themselves they’re getting worse. Most understand after I explain that it’s nothing more than the body peeling through old layers of NOT feeling well to GETTING WELL. And if they want to get though “it” sooner, I recommend they do enemas, drink even more water, exercise, eliminate certain foods and begin eating and drinking fermented foods.


“Preservation and restoration of health is solely dependent upon Internal Cleanliness.”  ~Arnold Ehret~

This 20-minute video gives basics on why keeping our gut clean is crucial for dis-ease prevention and natural healing. It explains why people might feel miserable, be bloated beyond belief and feel like nothing more than going back to their unhealthy eating habits. She (Donna Gates) explains how taking care of our gut helps our brain because of their connection from the vagus nerve. This is precisely why I began getting straight A’s in school (with minimal effort) once I began detoxing and improving my diet. This, after struggling from middle school thru my first two years of college. Diet and detox do our brain, body, mind and spirit a world of good. Why wouldn’t anyone want to partake?! The addition of real food is the icing on the cake, one that leads to more life in your years and years to your life!

I’d rather have food that rot and preserve me, than preserved “food” with a long shelf life that rot me.


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