Onion For Earache?

By on October 19, 2015

Thee beloved onion just keeps getting more lovable!

If you have an eye infection, start chopping. It’ll help give your eyes a purge.

Need some cold and flu relief or prevention? The following is great mixed with salad dressing. Or straight olive oil.

Mix equal parts horseradish, habanero, onion, ginger, and garlic. Chopped. Place in glass jar (leaving 1/4 room for liquid). Cover with apple cider vinegar. Raw. Those near a Sprouts Farmers Market can get for half the price of Braggs. Combine and let sit thru at least one moon cycle–the new moon to the full moon. Mix daily. Some call this Fire Cider. I know it from my for employer Dr. Schulze, as Supertonic.

For the price of 2 ounces, you can make a gallon +/-. This being just one of many recipes my former employer shared.

Other ways to use onion externally?

Before bed, put some slices on your feet, wrap with plastic. Cover with socks. Helps get what ails you out.

Place a whole onion on nightstand. By morning it’ll absorb what’s making you sick. Don’t be surprised if onion is black from the crud that was wanting to get the best of you. That bacterial magnet of sorts is why, once an onion is cut, use it!

Otherwise, food poisoning may be lurking.

And now the latest way to use it?

At least for me.

Put it in your ear! Yes, onion for EARACHE?!

“If you ever have a painful earache try this age old self-healing trick. Grab an onion, cut it open, and take out the central-most portion of it. Place the onion heart in the opening of your ear before you go to sleep and when you wake up you should feel much better.”


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