Organic Dirt – To Eat Or Not To Eat?

By on October 28, 2013


Since it does our body good, I EAT it!

“To the illumined man or woman, a clod of dirt, a stone, and gold are the same.”  ~Bhagavad Gita~

CSA spinach with dirt

Still digging last weeks goodies from my weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) volunteer gig. A place to hang with friends and get some local, organic goodies to savor and continually keep my immunity on the up and up.

Ever since working construction, I learned to eat a lil dirt by thinking of it as minerals instead of germs. My microbiology class (eons ago) darn near Incredible Edible Black Goldmade a germaphobe of me. I see germs growing because of that class. Thankfully, I now trick my psyche and have learned that a few specks of dirt sure beats eating a 3-second rule casualty. Having seen what grows in a petri dish, I can say that. More recently, my permaculture design course and some hands-on gardening and volunteer experience have taught me about the magic and healing properties of soil. Taking that up a notch, my friend Tim/Zeke The Sheik, Mr. Germinator himself taught me about humus. His wonderful world of organic dirt is up to 40 years old. It smells divine and tastes just as good. It is, what he calls Black Gold – it’s incredible and edible! I’ve eaten it and added it to my water for the good microbes. This type of probiotic is like baby’s milk… why buy the formula (probiotic) when you can get it for free?

“HUMUS – A brown or black organic substance consisting of partially or wholly decayed vegetable or animal matter that provides nutrients for plants and increases the ability of soil to retain water.”  ~the free

Ali at Tim's

my darling grand niece at Tim’s place

Some have healed themselves with dirt after no diet, drug, specialist, or invasive procedure could. The Founder of Garden of Life is one of them. Reading, Farmacology (by an MD) was a breath of fresh air. One of her prescriptions includes sending patients to a farm to get well. Reading that helped me realize my gut was spot on (and I wasn’t crazy) for eating dirt. Like antibacterial soap wiping out too much good bacteria, scrubbing every good microbe off certain foods does your body a disservice. Natures Farmacy includes morsels of dirt. These microbes actually help build good bacteria, as opposed to some of the overly priced packaged probiotic or pHARMaceutical.

A great video I recently watched discussed this further. Tried to find, but no luck – UGH! It explained how fresh produce is a prebiotic that helps grow the good bacteria in our gut. The fiber does this. Also mentioned were the watered down “live cultures” and how they are nothing more than a sales gimmick. Unless you’re making your own yogurt, kefir (and the like), they are not as beneficial as they claim. If they were as powerful as they say, the actual fermented live cultures would cause them to explode in fridge. Having done much of my own fermenting, this is no exaggeration. It’s the nutrient dense soil that builds nutrient dense food and blood. The very reason we should eat organic, in-season and local with a bit of Mother Nature’s pixie dust left on!

 Who needs a rainbow when you’ve got the smell of wet dirt!

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