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  • Hair Color Never Looked So Good!

    GOT Gray! “If you could invent a time machine and go back 30 years and take some of my hair from 30 years ago and now, there is no...

    • Posted July 18, 2015
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  • Herbs, Pregnancy and Miscarriage

    “If we doctors threw all our medicines into the sea, it would be that much better for our patients and that much worse for the fishes.” ~Supreme Court Justice...

    • July 13, 2015
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  • Losing Weight As A Vegan Is A NO BRAINER

    Don’t know about you, but I have a hard time with the obvious. Just because a celebrity endorses something does not mean it’s good for you. Or that it’s...

    • Posted July 5, 2015
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  • Goodbye Pain Pills. Hello Ice Cube!

    WHEW! What a month I’ve had. From realizing I am in the midst of a spiritual awakening to breaking my wrist. Both of which cause physical pain. The spiritual...

    • June 16, 2015
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  • Coffee or Tea–Which Is Best For YOU?

    Life as a gypsy/nomad/free spirit lately has been more tiring than liberating. For that reason, I find myself drinking more coffee than tea. But mostly because it’s easier to...

    • Posted May 30, 2015
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  • Goosebumps From God

    In listening to Suze Orman, she spoke of goosebumps from God. A reaction to good feelings. A message telling her, yes, you’re on the right track sort of thing. “The...

    • Posted May 26, 2015
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  • Avocado Do’s, Don’ts & Recipes

    MOVE OVER, Thee Incredible Edible Egg, HellO avocado! Nothing against eggs–they’ve got shout outs of their own. “To say that we love avocados wouldn’t even begin to describe the...

    • May 20, 2015
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  • Free WiFi With Sunscreen

    Being highly sensitive to the sun, I LOVE this idea for beach goers! “Shadow Wifi System, on Playa Agua Dulce in Peru. The large blue structure lures beach-goers out...

    • May 18, 2015
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  • Quinoa Versus Pasta

    Unlike starchy carbs, quinoa gives energy instead of take it. It doesn’t cause a drop in sugar or even a Muffin Top. It’s a great source of fat and protein....

    • May 12, 2015
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  • Cauliflower Pizza Crust

    a fabulous email find. Not just gluten free–it’s free of bread. Those fattening carbs. In sharing this across my social media sites and tagging Sprouts Farmer’s Market, they asked...

    • May 2, 2015
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