PAIN Pills and Medical Marijuana

By on September 27, 2015

I like what this guy has to say about weed, doctors, addiction and pain. I also understand his disclaimer of sorts.

“Before we go any further with this article about weed, and doctors, and addiction, I want to make it clear that I know very little about weed, even less about being a doctor, and I am completely (and thankfully) ignorant about addiction. The issue of painkiller abuse in the United States is incredibly complex and incredibly sad, and like most incredibly complex and sad things, there are no easy solutions to fix the problem.” ~Ben Esch~

People are quick to judge someone for thinking outside the box. Yet, assuming the hand-out position for more pharmaceuticals remains widely accepted.

Here’s more from Ben and his article

  • Fact 1: Painkillers are addictive
  • Fact 2: Marijuana is much less addictive
  • Fact 3: In 2011 alone, “[o]pioid pain relievers were involved in 16,917 overdose deaths”
  • Fact 4: Dying from a weed overdose is, in the words of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, “not very likely.”
  • Fact 5: In states with access to medical marijuana, “25 percent fewer people die from opioid overdoses annually.”

If not pHARMaceuticals, the fluoride in our water (and toothpaste) or vaccines. Today I heard those so called, palm tree looking “towers” are frequency towers. Made to control our mind. And to think of all the Sheeple that pass by them day in and day out. OUCH!

“I spend my day just funneling millions of dollars for the kingdom of God.” ~Man in video~ **As he chuckles

Where have I been and what HAS this world come to?! And they think marijuana will affect the minds of those using it?

As if all this isn’t bad enough. According to this video, there are churches leasing their steeples to cell phone companies. Are they oblivious to the reasons? If not, does the money outweigh the lack moral reality behind it? I’m not even sure HOW to describe what churches are doing.

Apparently, the ability to manipulate emotions and control reason was predicted in the 70’s.

“Why blow people up when you can drive them crazy.” ~Woman talking in video above~ 

Good news is, we can continue to raise our vibration and not allow any of this to affect us. Love and respect of your body go a long way. Detox your body and the mind and spirit will follow. And vice versa. And better late than never.

If medical marijuana is what your body responds to for chronic pain, so be it. Nobody knows your body better than you!

“Certainly medical marijuana is not the right choice for every patient and every situation, but compared to standard painkillers it is a far safer and less addictive way to treat chronic pain.” ~Ben Esch~


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