Pesticides Know No Boundaries

By on August 25, 2010

Research at the University of California Berkeley found that pregnant women exposed to pesticides (organophosphate type) are more likely to have children with attention problems such as ADHD. This is not to single out pregnant women. There is more than one cause and/or chemical that can lead to ADD or ADHD. One in particular is MSG, which I refer to as Mood Swings Galore. Behavior issues aside, there are a host of other problems that pesticides can cause. From allergies to asthma, to disease and premature death.

Pesticides were created to kill, reduce or repel. So why would someone in their right mind pay to eat food tainted with them?  Clearly attention has not been given to consequences. While working at a botanical pharmacy, I met a man who suffered from pesticide poisoning. He knew exactly when it happened and said he has never been the same, yet he couldn’t quite pinpoint what was happening to his body, and neither could his doctor. A family member of mine recently became allergic to avocados. I offered her an organic one, and wouldn’t you know… she was not allergic! A dear friend of mine recently broke out in hives from eating at a raw vegan restaurant. The only thing we could think what may have caused it was that the food was not organic.

Not only is organic much tastier, it is healthier for you, your brain, and the planet. Buying organic is a life savings worth depositing into. Money “saved” on non-organic will, without a doubt, diminish the quality and quantity of life to those partaking. The price for wellness will be more than any organic food on the market. Organic is the original food – it is was nature intended. If we use our food as our pharmacy, it can set us free. It’s been said that health is our greatest wealth. Say NO to pesticide ridden foods, grow your own, and support local farmers. Each generation has sadly become less healthy. It is time we reverse this nonsense and help make each generation healthier. Children do not ask to be born or to become junk food junkies. One by one, we can help put an end to  pharmageddon, invasive procedures, medical bankruptcy, slow suicides, and premature deaths.

“Our generation has taken to the cosmetic use of pesticides and I think, perhaps unwittingly, not fully understanding the dangers it represents to ourselves, and most importantly, to our children.”  ~Dalton McGuinty~


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