Do you have a recommendation for a good moisturizing shampoo from Whole Foods? My hair and scalp are dry from coloring! There are so many to pick from.

By on November 15, 2012

I have yet to find a really good one because I’ve been looking to find chemical free ingredients. It also takes me forever to get thru my bottles since I wash my hair every other day and it’s on the thin side. So many are overpriced. I do not care to pay for packaging on much. has many of the same shampoos that Whole Foods has, at a fraction of the cost. I did try a new one, all natural with the main ingredient being beer. It’s called BROO. It was not bad from the sample I got. With all that said, coconut oil is great for hair, as are avocados (use old ones). Many Indian markets have of products either with coconut in them or straight coconut oil for your hair. Whatever you do, I’d stay away from prepackaged Whole Foods stuff. Some larger Whole Foods have where you can bring in your own bottle (or buy one there) and fill it up. This may be a better way to go, if you go that route.

Also, brushing your hair before bed helps distribute oils into it, which helps too. You’d need a brush with lots of bristles. Beauty supply would know. It’s actually called, or used to be called… “scientific brushing.” It acts to massage every square inch of your head (and help release oils). Oh, not sure if you know that when shampooing, focus mainly on scalp – and when you condition, focus mainly on everything but the scalp. People wonder why their scalp gets oily (and their hair gets dry), this is partly why.  Cheers to your DO!

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