I did one the liver cleanse you suggest in your book. After 2 weeks, I did it again and didn’t have much out but 4 pea size stones, and couple gummy ones. Second time I had nothing. Thank you so much for your time and advice!

By on November 15, 2012

Are you pooping daily? If so, do you drink coffee? If you only got a few stones out, it could mean either your system is sluggish and/or there aren’t many stones. But I find the latter hard to believe – we all have them. Sometimes it just takes longer to “break the seal.” Most, me included, detox in stages. Just when it seems nothing left to come out, a lot gets released.

You can start your days w/ warm to hot water w/ lemon – great for bowel and liver. I’ve been detoxing for over a decade and still get crazy stuff out. “They” say for each year of neglect/damage, it takes 1 month to reverse. Improving diet will help tremendously, detox just speeds up results.

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