What to juice for arthritis and high iron?

By on October 8, 2013

I bought a juicer yesterday and want to start juicing. I was told by the surgeon that I have arthritis and it is eating the cartilage in my shoulder. As you know I have high iron/Hemachromatosis and need to steer clear of high iron foods…so I was going to do Kale, spinach, and other greens, but know they are high in iron. What would you recommend for me to juice and help get rid of the arthritis?


Sorry to hear. I know growing ‘wiser’ has its downfalls. I too was diagnosed with bone spurs on neck and spine – doc said it’s part of getting older. I don’t buy that. These side effects and pain were caused by having 2 top ribs and 2 neck muscles removed. I always feel better when I eat my best. Though… to Cr-ERR-ave is human. Just know, we crave what is in our blood. Clean blood does wonders for our body, mind and spirit. Can help reduce and/or eliminate the pain on all. It also helps the body heal itself, including cartilage.


As you may know, carbonated drinks and too much animal protein are huge culprits of arthritic symptoms. Then again, sugar causes inflammation that leads to pain. As for juices, Add some fruit and some raw fat (dairy, nuts, chia/flax seeds, coconut, avocado, etc). The fats help slow the natural sugar (and iron). I’ve heard fruit is more detoxing, while vegetables more nourishing. Go with what feels right and know that local organic IN SEASON is best. I recently read that too many vegetables can cause a copper toxicity… joy! But mixing it up as described can help. Turmeric added to food and drinks helps pain too.


Like depression, I believe arthritis is too common a label/diagnosis given. If more people spoke up, less would be treated like a number and given a one-size-fits-all prescription. This type of thinking has me always looking to see what cultures around the world are doing. Many are old school and common sense treatments. What works for one won’t always work for all, this is why I know deep massage is my treatment of choice. It gets the muscle spasms out that are causing the pain and misalignment. Plain and simple. Here’s a great link to more ideas that are no fluff, folk remedies!


Earth Clinic – Arthritis


Keep donating blood for the high iron. I’m gonna start once my cycle ends, which is soon. There’s a reason bloodletting is making a comeback – it was used for much of what ailed many. Also, hot and cold therapy works wonders at getting blood moving in and out of area, thus speeds up healing and removes blockages.. Mustn’t forget exercise – we rest, we rust.

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