My mother had an appendectomy and is now suffering from constipation and severe painful gas. She can’t eat or even drink much or she’ll throw up and has a lot of pain from the gas that is trapped in her intestines.

By on November 15, 2012

Severe and ongoing constipation can cause appendicitis. The old waste sits in the tiny appendix and gets infected. This is a primary cause of appendicitis. Another problem often caused by constipation, is gallstones and/or a back up of bile. The fact that she can’t eat and feels like vomiting sounds like it may be gallbladder related. Not being able to eat is best thing for her right now. Her body will let her know when she’s ready to eat. Sipping on fluids is the best thing for her right now. She does not need to become dehydrated, this will lead to further constipation.

This is a common problem with invasive procedures, removing “parts,” and having to stop eating prior to any procedure. Patients need to be carefully instructed on how to wean off of food and back onto food. Aside from drinking room temperature clean water and hot teas, she can try…


  • Drinking warm to hot water with lemon OR Epsom salt per box dosage
  • Massage the abdomen CLOCKWISE
  • Walking will help get gas moving. Having gas is better than not – it means things are moving.
  • Place a hot water bottle in that area, alternating with the liver area (right side below rib cage).
  • A castor oil pack – they are powerful at breaking up things
  • A warm water rinse enema
  • Sip on a healthy carbonated drink like Kombucha, kefir, or any other type of probiotic. These will help get bowel moving. Organic and raw are best.
  • Make or buy a fresh vegetable juice (apple and/or carrot, mixed greens, ginger) drink. Adding a little garlic will help move gas out AND kill any infection
  • Eating fresh pineapple or papaya – both are high in enzymes.  Apples are great for digestion. Chew all to a liquid (or drink their juice as fresh as possible)
  • Avoid cold foods and drinks
  • Avoid cooked foods, especially dairy, eggs, meat, sugar, flour.


She should not force herself to eat. She can try squatting or using a footstool when on the commode… this helps get bowel in more of a natural shape, helps with constipation, and may help with gas. Above all, lots of liquids, less cooked processed foods, no eating a few hours before bed, and walk, and walk some more. This will help get things moving.

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