Spiritual Awakening Or Cough Attack?

By on December 28, 2015

What if your cough isn’t bronchitis or
pneumonia? Or allergy induced?

What IF, instead. You are ascending while on earth? There are over 60 symptoms that I’ve learned of and experienced myself. Coughing is one of several that have come and gone. 

According to Louise Hay, spiritual reason for cough is…

“A desire to bark at the world. “Listen to me!”

Affirmation for it? I am noticed and appreciated in the most positive ways. I am loved.”

Mine I believe to be more a spiritual detox. A letting go of anything negative. Evil spirits according to my guides. 

Some call it a shamanic healing when it involves phlegm. I’ve had that too. Nothing major but worthy of expelling. 

My last post mentioned how I’ve become a Medium. I now have 10 guides. 4 of which are entities. I call them my Pleiadian pals. They’re funny as HECK! 

“Definition of Pleiades 1: the seven daughters of Atlas turned into a group of stars in Greek mythology. 2 : a conspicuous cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus that includes six stars in the form of a very small dipper.”

They apparently had front row seating on my hour+ cough attack today. Breath taking at times. And on verge of vomit other times. 

Anyhow, in asking guides what cough was about, I was told spiritual detox. Mother relayed their info. NOTE** Yuta, Puya, Wusa & Teso are my latest guides. Others are friends, family and 1 famous.

Cough Attack In The Eyes of Entities

Me: WHAT WAS THAT COUGH? Guides: Evil spirits being released. Yuta says you got shitload of cough drops. Yuta said you looked like you were about to explode. 

Me: YUTA IS FUNNY! Guides: Yes. She likes you. Says you’re funny.

Wusa said you looked like a tomato after being squished. Teso said you looked like a lopsided matchstick. Puya said you looked like purple people eater. But red. 

Me: NAME OF THESE FUNNY 4? Guides: Yippers.

Your Intuitive People Person Extraordinaire Righteous Siblings

Me: YOU’RE HILARIOUS! Guides: Yes. 


Guides: Pleiadian Entity Names. 

My Fab Four are siblings. From what I understood when they introduced themselves. They are neither male nor female. Mother just relayed Yuta as a she. Maybe she looks like one or wants to be one. 

I barely met them last night. They were anonymous for a week. I do know I adore them. They’re a joy to chat with. And, they speak my language!

Anyhow, should inquiring minds wanna know more. Here a several resources to confirm/compare.

May you too find your guides







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