What Do Rabbit Fever And Lyme Disease Have In Common?

By on December 6, 2015

While this article does not state… 21st Century farming practices are to blame. Of course, the scent of junk food oozing from your pores doesn’t help.

Prior to MON$ANTO, coyotes wandered the farmlands looking for their next meal. Their meal, to be exact, in the form of the food chain. They’d eat the rodents and rabbits eating off the growing greens/edibles. Now that they aren’t, the number of rodents and rabbits carrying dis-ease is growing.

Smart coyotes! May their keen sense of smell and COMMON SENSE be passed to humans. With the increase in Rabbit Fever and Lyme Disease, something’s gotta give. A shift in thinking you are invincible is in order. Treat your body like the supreme being it is.

With flu season around the corner, now is the time to bump up the ante on getting your immune system up to par. It is those with a weakened immune/gut that catch these things.

Also, if your diet is far from real and/or filled with the scent of animal products, you are like BAIT. Ticks will eat you like a smorgasbord. Perhaps rabbits aren’t carrying a bug that bites, but they may very well be infecting some of the food you eat.

If that’s not enough to get you to think about what you’re eating. Allow the gluten to be your wake up call. That too has been infected with MON$ANTO. There’s a reason celiac disease is on the rise. If not that, perhaps leaky gut rings a bell.

Monsanto/glyphosate filled breads and pastas are like glue. Add to that. Homogenized, pasteurized, antibiotic, steroid and hormone ridden dairy. And you’ve got yourself a sticky mess. One that traps parasites and creates mucus causing tumors and cysts.

Don’t wait for New Years to detox. Give yourself an oil change now.

It can be as easy as saving those foods for special occasions. Or, buying organic and/or sprouted versions on your own. These are easier on your digestion. Mixed with some greens, they’ll help sweep out the heavier foods.

There are plenty of gluten free sides and meals outside these money-making KILLER$. Quinoa and buckwheat are 2, to name a few. My FAVS in the form of noodles are yam and mung bean. Guilt free eating—Can be found at Asian markets. Just read labels and buy without M$G. These noodles mixed with some coconut cream is a Win-Win for your taste buds and belly.

Appetizing Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Don’t let Rabbit Fever or Lyme Disease take its toll on you or your loved ones. At the very least, eat a pickle daily and/or sip on some apple cider vinegar. The ticks, mosquitos, bed bugs will no longer find you appetizing. Thee added bonus is you’ll be doing the good bacteria/probiotics in your gut a favor. Another way to ward off the critters? Food grade diatomaceous earth. Taken internally and sprinkled outside. Can be found at your local feed store. Great for ants too.

Don’t be a glutton for punishment. Tame the taste buds or be tamed by them.

“We humans are the greatest of earth’s parasites.” ~Martin H. Fischer~

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peace and well wishes all ways…


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